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Beehive Crochet Baby Dress And Hat (FREE Pattern)

Wouldn’t you prefer a simple outfit for your kid that you can literally make yourself instead of the glamorous and rather kitschy clothes available in the shops?

The DIY crochet project we suggest is a perfect example of why the handmade alternative is becoming so popular: it looks great! The Beehive Baby dress and hat will turn your little girl into a princess in the making. The dress is simply adorable, giving an extra amount of cuteness to your loved one!

It’s fit for a kid between 6 and 18 months. The dress is worked in one piece beg at neck edge, with its center back having an opening for buttons.


Beehive Baby Sport – FREE Patterns

The Body is joined into round and slightly puffed short sleeves are worked in rounds as well. Use a size 3.5 mm (U.S. E/4) crochet hook for getting this idea to reality.

Check out the entire tutorial and good luck!

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