how to crochet a floor pouf

How to crochet a floor pouf

The floor pouf is an almost mandatory accessory in the decoration of a home. In addition to being functional because you can use it to sit, it is perfect to complement your home decor. Crochet floor poufs are simply wonderful. With a touch of modernity they combine with various spaces …

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crochet crocodile stitch

Crochet crocodile stitch

Crochet is very versatile and there are thousands of stitches, difficult to choose a favorite. One of the most beautiful stitches is the crocodile crochet stitch. The crocodile crochet stitch has this name because the final effect is similar to the crocodile’s skin. This is a very versatile item that …

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crochet toys original ideas

Crochet toys – original ideas

Toys are essential for children’s development. Toys help children to spend time and still learn. Crochet toys are an excellent gift idea. Crochet toys are colorful and fun. They can last a lifetime and pass from parents to children. Nowadays there are already antiallergic lines, ideal for the smallest babies. …

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