Crochet Ideas

how to crochet easy mandala

How to crochet a super easy mandala

Mandalas means circle. Mandalas are very much associated with a mystical and relaxing side. They are drawings of concentric geometric shapes, that is, made from a center. The result of colors and patterns is perfect and very beautiful. In addition to its spiritual part, the mandala is also increasingly used in home decoration. Mandalas are perfect for those who like …

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crochet cactus ideas

20+ Crochet Cactus Ideas

Cactus and succulents are a real passion. They are beautiful and perfect plants to use in your home and garden decoration. Cactus don’t need a lot of maintenance, yet some people prefer their crocheted version. The crocheted cactus are beautiful. There are many ideas and models. The hardest part will be choosing. How to Crochet Cactus Check out the video …

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crochet beach cover up

Crochet Beach Cover-up ideas

Beachwear is a way to enjoy the beach in the best way, there are many options from several models of bikinis, swimsuits and beach cover-up. The beach cover-up allow you to go to the bathroom, coffee shop or go for a walk. The crochet beach cover-up are perfect for those who like creative ideas. Today we leave some ideas for …

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macrame ideas tutorial

Macrame- Ideas and tutorial

Macrame is a very old and versatile art. It is increasingly used as a way of decorating your home. There are thousands of beautiful and very creative ideas that you will love. The macramé is a technique of knots, which together form a design. Can use all types of threads. The macrame can be used to make door openings, wall …

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crochet keychain pattern ideas

Crochet keychain- Pattern and ideas

Keyrings are something we all use in our daily lives. They serve to keep your keys always accessible. Though it’s trite, the truth is that they can be chosen to reflect your personality. Keyrings are fashion accessories. Crochet keyrings are an alternative for those who like creative and original objects. Today we leave some ideas and models of keyrings in …

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crochet leafs pattern ideas

How to make crochet leafs: Pattern and ideas

Crochet is very versatile. In addition to the more traditional works, crochet can be used creatively. Crochet leafs are perfect for doing various jobs, today we’ll show you how. Crochet leafs are very versatile, they can be used to complete your flowers, they can be used as a base for plates or cups, used in your home decoration and even …

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crochet toys original ideas

Crochet toys – original ideas

Toys are essential for children’s development. Toys help children to spend time and still learn. Crochet toys are an excellent gift idea. Crochet toys are colorful and fun. They can last a lifetime and pass from parents to children. Nowadays there are already antiallergic lines, ideal for the smallest babies. There are many options for crochet toys. We have separated …

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Crochet Napkin Holders ideas

20+ Crochet Napkin Holders ideas

Napkin holders are something very useful and practical. They serve to keep your paper napkins organized. Perfect to put on your tables at mealtimes. For those who like crafts and crochet, there are many different and creative crochet napkin holders. A way to make your table more beautiful and also to use as decoration of your kitchen. There are many …

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