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DIY Crochet 3D Heart free pattern 1

Crochet 3D Heart Free Pattern

Here is a button cute crochet 3D heart with step by step free pattern from Lenka which is great for beginners to follow.

The heart is combines with 2 single pieces that you can use as embellishments on garments. The 3D hearts can be used as ornaments directly or curtains, mobiles for room decoration.

Supplies you need:
cotton yarn
Crochet hook 2.5mm
padding – polyester fiber (from toys, pillows, etc.)
needle with a larger handle
buttons, ribbons, beads, etc. for decorating

Getting to 20 MA, which forms the center of hearts. Crochet in the round around these central MA. Each row begin with the three MA and finish one PO to the third chain-eye.




Fab-Art-DIY-Crochet-3D-Heart-free-pattern05 (1)






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