Crochet Beautiful Rippled Blanket

Today we decided to show something different and give you a chance to learn it  of course. You know if you are following our website and it’s articles that we always try to share with you crochet articles about the things which are not very big, mostly it is something to wear.

But today’s going to be different from all the others, because today we are going to present you a pattern and a video tutorial about crochet rippled blanket, which is presented on the photos and let’s all agree that it looks gorgeous.

You may think when looking at the pictures that it will take much time energy and nerves and will be hard to crochet it but trust me you are wrong.

The pattern and the video tutorial that are presented in this article will help you to achieve your goal without any problem and pretty fast. All you have to do is choose between video tutorial and the pattern and follow it’s steps.