How to Crochet Catherine Wheel / StarBurst Stitch

It Has been a long time since be have shared with you and article about a crochet stitch so be have decided to break the “tradition” or call it what you want and want to share with you an article about How to crochet Catherine Wheel/StarBurst Stitch and guess what?

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You are going to lean how to crochet a harlequin stitch as a bonus, you will find the pattern of it with the other two stitch patterns, but the video tutorial will be only about a catherine wheel and burst stitch. I think that this article will be very interesting for many of you my dear friends and crochet lovers and the stitches can be used for many different crochet projects,

I think that I don’t even have to tell you what kind of things can be crocheted with The Catherine Stitch, StartBurst Stitch and the Harlequin Stitch.