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Crochet Flower

Crochet Flower with Crochet Fork and Hook

This crochet flower is really unique and fun for yarn lovers to try. The technique of combining crochet fork with hook is great to make bigger flower patterns, which make you feel lacey, chic, light and warm.

Great for outfit such as shawl, or cape etc and even for home decoration.

DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook01 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook2 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook3 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook4 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook5 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook6 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook7 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook8 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook9 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook10 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook11 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook12 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook13 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook14 DIY-Crochet-Flower-with-Crochet-Fork-and-Hook15


  • Crochet fork
  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn

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