crochet triangle granny

Crochet Granny Triangles

Today we are going to talk about a granny triangles. Ever heard of them? We have seen many different versions and looks of granny squares but it is the first time you are going to see a pattern and the video tutorial of granny triangle here.

I hope that we will be able to find the project as much interesting as this is more often to share them with you.

I think that the granny triangle might become as popular as the square if not even more because this can be very useful too. So Here it is now you have to follow the steps from the video tutorial and the pattern and you are going to get the result just like the ones that are presented on the photos.

Please let us see what you will get when you finish working. Share it with your friends and other people who might be interested in such thing and tell us about your impressions and opinion. Enjoy the article and good luck

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