DIY Colorful Hook Knit Scarf with Ruler

DIY Colorful Hook Knit Scarf with Ruler

This is something new for me, crochet and braid is combined, and ruler can be used in this project, too.

This technique is great to add different colors on a scarf, or you can braid one line to us a belt, too. The original version is from Russia 88Crafts. Here we translated it into English, enjoy.


  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook 2.5mm
  • Ruler

Crochet Scarf

1. Take the yellow yarn and knit crochet a long chain of stitches. (For scarf 170 cm long with 400 stitches.) Dial the loop, make another loop air and pulling her crochet authenticity. Put on an elongated loop on line. hen enter the hook into the next link in the chain and grab the thread. Tightens the yarn a bit but not much.

Continue in the same technique until the end of the chain, making sure the chain is not twisted. Take it off from the ruler when finish it.

Take the green yarn and do the same.

Now the interesting and fun parts: place fringe loops near to each other, picks up the hook 5 green loops (can be 4, and 6 – as like).

Now picks the next 5 green loops and pulled through the yellow.

Now take the lilac yarn, bind it to any of the territories and start typing the loop on line in the same way, each link of the chain to the end. Then get another desired chain yarn, make fringe and intertwined with lilac.

Now make out the end of our scarf – tassels or pom-poms to decorate both ends of the scarf.

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