DIY Crochet Minion Projects Free Pattern

DIY Crochet Minion Projects (Free Pattern)

Minions are in the House! They’re yellow, they love bananas, and they glow in the dark, these cute yellow people make you laugh, while you learn more life lessons from them.

You love animated Minions from Despicable Me for any reason, and now you can crochet them for home and family.

Here is a fabulous collection of Minion Crochet projects for you to enjoy.


Minion Baby Crochet Set via DZ Crochet Creations


Evil Minion Crochet Free Pattern via Hopeful Honey


Minion Cushions Free Crochet Pattern


Minion Gloves Free Crochet Pattern via The Lunchbox Guru


Minion Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern via Repeat Crafter


Minion Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern via Ravelry


FREE Crochet Hat Pattern via Damn it Janet, let’s Crochet


Minion Crochet Hat FREE Pattern via Crochet By Jennifer


Minion FREE Crochet Hat Pattern via Crochet By Jennifer


Minion Crochet Booties Free Pattern via Hopeful Honey


Minion Crochet Slippers Paid Pattern via Atelier Handmade

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