How To Crochet Pocket Scarf

Today you’re going to see photos and the video tutorial of one of the most useful things that you can crochet for the winter-Pocket Scarf.

As we all know scarf is one of the most used thing in the winter and not only winter, you can use it in every season of the year, off course depending on the weather and your style, but let’s agree that if you start crocheting this pocket scarf now, you not feel the winter’s cold and you will look extremely good.

Crocheting a pocket scarf is a fun and practical project, perfect for keeping warm during the colder months while providing a convenient place to stash your essentials like your phone or keys.

How To Crochet Pocket Scarf

You can either crochet the pockets separately and sew them on or directly crochet them onto the ends of the scarf.