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attach zipper to sweaters

How to DIY Crochet a Zipper into Sweaters

You’ve seen or sewn zippers in many of crochet garments yourself which is like sewing a zipper into a sewn garment. But it still can be both difficult, complicated.

Did you ever try to attach a zipper in crochet way as above. It looks much natural and is a great technique for us yarn lovers to crochet zippers into sweaters, dress and skirts, boots and bags.

With this technique you do not have to worry about having the zipper being crooked or it wont make a knitting pucker etc.

It will also give you a nice seam that will be invisible from the knit side of the garment.


attach-zipper-to-sweaters4 (1)







Supplies you need:

knitted/crochet) garment
Zipper that fits in length
PRYM Mending needle fine ergonomic (you can check it here how it looks like)
Knitting needles in the same size as you knitted garment with
A piece of the same yarn as you knit the garment in
Darning needle
Photo tutorial

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