How to Make Weaved Hotpad

crochet weaved

Today we are going to talk about this beautiful weaved hotpad that is presented on the photos, and of course, if you visit our website often than you know that every article that has been ever shared on our website includes a pattern or a video tutorial of it, to help you learn how to make that exact thing on your own.

So this weaved hotpad is not an exception and this article include a pattern too. I once saw an article like this one earlier on the internet and I liked it, it was about a crochet square which had this kind of weaves in the center and I loved it very much.

So when I was making researches to share them with you later I always remembered the square about which I was talking earlier and when I found this project I was very happy and I am pretty sure you are going to like it too. So view the pattern and follow the steps that are presented there. Enjoy. good luck


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