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crochet moss shrug

Moss Shrug Pattern

It’s sunny days almost in every country, but there are also cold days. For that days we need some warm but light clothing too protect self from cold and feel comfortable. A

lso we need to look beautiful and attractive. So if you need some warm clothing and your hobby is crocheting we have here great design and pattern By Emmy Faranda where you can learn everything that you need to know to crochet Pretty and useful Moss Shrug.

You can use for this shrug 6.0 mm or 6.5 mm Hook. If you have some free time or can find and have necessary supplies you can start crocheting, because you will need this shrug also year long And what’s very important you will look great at any situation with this shrug. Choose any colors you like of course and enjoy.

Thanks to author Emmy Faranda for great design and well written Pattern. Good Luck.


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