crochet holly leaves tutorial

Crochet holly leaves tutorial

Holly is a well-known plant, especially for its tradition of giving a kiss under a holly branch. Holly is a fairly easy-to-identify plant, with green leaves with red dots. Holly is a plant associated with the Christmas season, it is common to see holly in Christmas decorations. Today we bring …

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how to crochet christmas wreath

How to crochet christmas wreath

The Christmas wreath is one of the most used Christmas symbols all over the world. Traditionally, the Christmas wreath is placed on the front door or above the fireplace. It can be made of many materials. Crochet is also perfect for making a Christmas wreath. Our suggestion today are mini …

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gingerbread man crochet tutorial

Gingerbread man crochet tutorial

The gingerbread man is known all over the world and is increasingly associated with Christmas decoration. His simple figure is perfect for those who like a different style in their decor. Simple or more elaborate can make beautiful crochet gingerbread men. It can be used as a decoration for your …

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