crochet Wedding Ring Quilt

How to Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt

Marriage is a celebration of two lives uniting as one. How wonderful it would be to present the couple with a romantic wedding wrap to honor the blessed bond. Symbolizing the joyous union of matrimony and wedding ring motifs are joined to create this lovely quilt. This beautiful, Double Wedding …

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Crochet Solomon’s Knot stitch

Crochet Solomon Knot With Pattern

Do you love crochet? In this post, we are going to introduce something called Crochet Solomon Knot. It isn’t your average crochet stitch. This is a unique crochet technique that expands upon your basic crochet skills to create an entirely new look for your craft work. It is made of …

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Crochet Tulips with free pattern

How To Crochet Tulip Stitch

I love tulips. This flower impresses with its beauty every spring. Crochet Tulip is even more amazing. Especially the crochet flower pattern has all the trappings which can make a perfect spring blanket. Whether you drape it over your couch or cuddle with it in your favorite armchair, this beautiful …

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erigeneia crochet shawl

Erigeneia Crochet Shawl (FREE Pattern)

This gorgeous shawl pattern will inspire many crocheters to make one! The colorway is wonderful and the lacy frill at edges ads elegance and charm to this already beautiful pattern. The Erigeneia crochet shawl pattern by Silke Terhorst looks amazing in a lovely gradient yarn. Erigeneia means “Early-born” and is …

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crochet stiches

130 Crochet Basic Stitch Symbols

Are you amazed by all kinds of beautiful crochet products and you always want to learn how to crochet? You bought some crochet hooks, but you still don’t know how to start. Well here is the good news. This collection of 130 Crochet Basic Stitch Symbols will help you learn …

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