crochet inserts

Embellish with Crochet Inserts

Today we want to show you tutorial where you can learn how to Embellish With Crochet inserts. With this skills you can use your hobby into many beautiful thing and project, so we thinks you need to know how to embellish with crochet inserts. You can learn how to embellish …

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Christening Coat

Crochet Christening Coat

Today we want to share with you an article about one of the most beautiful and cute crochet thing that you can possibly find on the internet the christening coat, just like the one that is presented on the photos. I think that the thing like this may be very …

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Lighthearted Tunic Crochet

Lighthearted Tunic

Show your “heart” coming and going. It’s as fun to make as it is to wear. This trendy tunic is perfect for casual jeans-wearing or for dressing up over a slinky dress. Tunic measures 25” wide and 25” long. Tunic will drape and stretch to fit a large range of …

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crochet flower

Beautiful Chamomile Flower

Today we are going to talk about one more beautiful flower and of course we are giving you an opportunity and connecting to the tutorial of this flower that you can see on the photos and the name of this flower is a chamomile flower and today we are going …

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Black red white blanket

Crochet Red, Black & White Blanket

Another beautiful Blanket for your comfortable everyday life and for your home interior and of course for family we have here and want to show you how to crochet with diagram. We have also video where you can learn how to read diagrams and with this video you will easily …

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