How to Crochet an Advent Calendar

crochet an advent calendar

The advent calendar is a special calendar that counts down to Christmas Day. It is common to find advent calendars with chocolates in supermarkets, but there are creative and original models. Today we show you some beautiful crochet advent calendar … VIEW MORE

Gnome Towel Topper Crochet Tutorial

gnome towel topper crochet tutorial

Today we bring you a very creative idea that you will love. A perfect idea to decorate your kitchen or as a gift, is gnome hanging towel holders. If you like Christmas, or just give your kitchen a little style, … VIEW MORE

DIY Jute Christmas Baubles

diy jute christmas baubles

Jute is a very versatile material and perfect for those who like to make crafts. Jute can be used to give a special and rustic touch to your Christmas decoration. Today we show you some ideas for Christmas balls decorated … VIEW MORE

Crochet Christmas bells graphics

crochet christmas bells graphics

The bells announce the birth of the Baby Jesus and, therefore, are a symbol widely used in Christmas decoration. Crochet bells are perfect for anyone looking for different ideas to decorate their Christmas tree and home for Christmas. Here are … VIEW MORE

How to Crochet a Sloth Planter

how to crochet a sloth planter

Today we bring you an idea that we just love Hanging Sloth Plante. For those who like plants and are looking for a different idea to place them, this idea is perfect. The end result is beautiful. Check out the … VIEW MORE

Crochet autumn leaves tutorial and how to use them in decoration

crochet autumn leaves tutorial

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in terms of colors. The leaves transform and find different colors such as brown, yellow and red. You can recreate the colors of autumn in crochet sheets. The end result is fantastic. … VIEW MORE

Crochet Pineapple Jar Cozy Tutorial

crochet pineapple jar cozy

Pineapple is one of the most beautiful fruits in the world and with its own characteristics. Pineapple is one of the most used fruits when creating crochet fur for clothing or decoration. Today we show you a beautiful idea that … VIEW MORE

How to Crochet Honeycomb Stitch

how to crochet honeycomb stitch

Crochet is a real addiction and once you start it’s hard to get away from all the new ideas that come up. There are many options for crochet stitches, with different types of difficulty and for different types of work. … VIEW MORE

DIY Macrame Christmas Gnome Decoration

diy macrame christmas gnome

Christmas is a very special time, for those who like crafts and crochet there are thousands of perfect ideas to give free rein to your imagination and creativity. Today we bring you a very different and original idea to decorate … VIEW MORE

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