Perfectly Pretty DIY Crochet Flower Blanket

Would you believe us if we told you that this amazing crochet flower blanket is a perfect project for beginners?

We didn’t believe it either – until we tried it out for ourselves and discovered just how incredibly easy it is to make. It may look complicated and of a professional standard, but really it’s a case of using just a few simple stitches to create a final result that’s way beyond the efforts required.

crochet-flower-blanket-1 crochet-flower-blanket2 crochet-flower-blanket3 crochet-flower-blanket4 crochet-flower-blanket5 crochet-flower-blanket6 crochet-flower-blanket7 crochet-flower-blanket8 crochet-flower-blanket-9

It’s what great craft projects are all about!