Purifying Puritans Square

crochet Puritans Square

It has been a while since we have last share an article about the crochet square and I think that many of you may have even forgotten about you.

Because I remembered about it when I was looking at my research list, and I notices and I found this pattern a very long time ago but forgot to share it with you. So here it is.

This square has a flower in the center,it is called a purifying puritans square and the article of course includes a pattern which should be follow you step by step by our users and visitors, because with the help of this pattern you are going to get the result which will amaze and shock even a professional crochet and knitting lover.

The colors should be chosen by you, the blue is is good but I think that the red will be better, but it is just the matter of taste, so view the pattern and follow the instructions that are presented there very carefully. Enjoy the article and good luck with your work


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