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reversible octopus crochet tutorial

Reversible octopus crochet – Tutorial and ideas

The reversible octopus is a trend of the moment. It is a double-faced octopus that helps to work emotions with very young children.

The reversible octopus is a fashionable toy. For those who like crochet, you can do it using this technique.

For octopus lovers, here is a tutorial of a reversible mesh octopus.

Meaning of reversible octopus

The octopus has two faces, on one side it expresses joy, on the other side it shows sadness. It’s a different way to help the little ones to express their emotions.

Crocheted the reversible octopus

Reversible Knitting Octopus Tutorial

reversible crochet octopus tutorial reversible crochet octopus tutorial 1 reversible crochet octopus tutorial 2 reversible crochet octopus tutorial 3 reversible crochet octopus tutorial 5

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