crochet bow baby sandals

Bow Front Baby Sandals

I know that it has been a very little time ago since we have shared an article about baby footwear.

But trust me this article is totally different from the previous one and all the other article that we have ever share with you about the baby clothes because it is the first time when we share with you an article about a baby sandals.

Just like the on that is presented on the photos and the name of this stunning thing is bow front baby sandals and it is not hard to guess why it is named so.

The pattern was very popular and when we found it we immediately started making an article about it, the video tutorial is from the other author but the sandals are the same so that means that you have a choice to make.

Follow the pattern or follow the tutorial, or maybe both. So enjoy the article and when you finish working on these beautiful bow front baby sandals share your impressions and opinion with the experience with us and your friends. Good luck

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