Crochet Patterns

diy crochet snail amigurumi free pattern 2

DIY Crochet Snail Amigurumi Free Pattern

The snail is one of the strangest but also the cutest animals in Nature. With its shell, the turtle is a character often used in animation stories, always with a beautiful figure. The snail is also widely used in decoration, it is very common to see this nice figure in the decoration of children’s rooms. Today we bring Crochet Snail …

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shells made from crochet graphics and ideas 12

Shells made from crochet! Graphics and Ideas

Today we bring you a beautiful idea that we love, they are crochet shells. The beauty of these shells is simply incredible. Crochet shells can be made in many shapes and sizes. A beautiful option to use to decorate your home. Check out some crochet shells and snails graphics and ideas here for inspiration. How to Make a spiral shell …

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crochet flower basket tutorial 10

Crochet Flower Basket Tutorial

Crochet flower baskets are a beautiful and different option to decorate your home. These baskets can be used in many ways, you can use it to put makeup, creams, utensils and even vases. The difference between these baskets is that they are made with dots imitating flowers. The final result is different, original and wonderful. Today we bring you a …

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how to weave a kitten with a loom

How to Weave a Kitten with a Loom

Today we bring you a very different and original idea, perfect to make our children happy. They are wonderful kittens made with the help of a loom. A super cute and creative idea that you will love. Learn how to make a cute cat with a loom. Details can be made according to your personal taste. Weave a kitten with …

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how to make a crochet teacup

How to make a crochet teacup

Crochet is a very versatile art with a wide variety of options for all tastes and all styles. For those who like crochet ornaments, today’s article is perfect for you. Today we show you how to crochet tea cups. A super cute and original idea, perfect for those who like stylish details. See too: How to Crochet a Christmas Gnome How …

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how to crochet a christmas gnome

How to Crochet a Christmas Gnome

Gnomes are increasingly used in Christmas decorations. These cute figures match different styles and can be placed in different spaces in your home. For those looking for different ideas to decorate their home this Christmas, or looking for an idea to offer, our suggestion today is perfect. Today we show you how to crochet a Christmas gnome. A beautiful idea …

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egg basket crochet pattern

Egg basket crochet pattern

Eggs are part of the diet of many people, for those who like to pay attention to every detail, we show you how to make a creative egg basket to store your eggs. There are many ideas and models of crochet egg baskets, so we leave you a video tutorial and even some ideas to get inspired. Store your eggs …

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