Crochet Patterns

tea light candle holder step step

Tea-light Candle Holder- Step by step and ideas

Candles are beautiful decorative elements and result in different spaces in your home. In addition to the candle, the candle holder helps to give color and beauty to your decoration. The crochet candle holders are wonderful. There are lots of ideas and models, from simpler models to bolder models full of details. Our suggestion today is tea-light Candle Holder. A …

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how to crochet a sloth planter

How to Crochet a Sloth Planter

Today we bring you an idea that we just love Hanging Sloth Plante. For those who like plants and are looking for a different idea to place them, this idea is perfect. The end result is beautiful. Check out the step-by-step guide here for Hanging Sloth Planter and some ideas for inspiration. Hanging Sloth Planter Watch the video and be …

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how to crochet honeycomb stitch

How to Crochet Honeycomb Stitch

Crochet is a real addiction and once you start it’s hard to get away from all the new ideas that come up. There are many options for crochet stitches, with different types of difficulty and for different types of work. Today we bring you one of our favorite stitches, Crochet Honeycomb Stitch A different stitch that imitates the honeycomb pattern. …

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crochet a tissue box cover

How do you crochet a tissue box cover

Tissues are very useful and are present in most homes. To have your tissues organized and to be easier to find the boxes are perfect. Crochet is perfect for making boxes for your scarves, in addition to adding the functional part, it adds the beauty element. Today we bring you some ideas crochet a tissue box cover. Check out the …

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Chouchou de cheveux au crochet

Super easy crochet hair scrunchie

Updoing your hair is a way to fight the heat, or just a way to do a different hairstyle. For those who like to wear their hair up, today we bring you a super creative ideas, they are crochet hair scrunchies. Crochet hair scrunchies are perfect for holding up your hair. Today we show you how to make a crochet …

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crochet scarf graphics

Beautiful crochet scarf graphics

Even with the heat squeezing, it’s time to get ready for the coldest days. Today we show you some wonderful crochet scarf graphics. Crochet scarves are perfect for keeping your neck and face warm on windy and cold days. Check out some models and graphics of crochet scarves here. Crochet scarf graphics We separate some ideas for all tastes and …

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dog bed free crochet pattern and ideas

Amazing dog bed free Crochet Pattern and ideas

Our four-legged friends deserve all the pampering. Today we show you how to pamper dogs with super comfortable crochet. These are ideas that, in addition to being comfortable for dogs, can also be fun and colorful. After all, our four-legged friends deserve all our pampering. Check out a video tutorial and some ideas for crochet dog beds here. Crochet Pet …

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