crochet baby dress rainbow

Crochet Baby Girls Rainbow Dress

We have shared how to crochet beautiful panama hat in the past, which is extremely popular and has tens of thousands of views now.

This crochet baby girls rainbow dress is as beautiful as the panama hat, we believe you will love it too. Overskirt is trimmed with periwinkle snowflakes and lacy flowers.

If you are a true crochet lover, you should definitely try to make it. It’s one thing to buy a cute little dress for that special little lady in your life, but to make it yourself by hand means more than any price tag ever could.

If you want to learn how to Crochet Baby Girls Rainbow Dress, you can watch and follow the instructions in the video.

The only thing is that she speaks non-English language, but hopefully you can get the ideas by just looking at how she is crocheting.

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