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crochet japanese flower F

DIY Crochet Japanese Flower (FREE PATTERN)

These japanese flowers are so cut, pretty scallop around the outer edge ! It’s so fun to make.

I really love to combine bright colors, but of course you can create a flower with one single color. and especially if you are not too sure about changing colors, go ahead and make a few in the same color.

crochet-japanese-flower1 crochet-japanese-flower2 crochet-japanese-flower3 crochet-japanese-flower4 crochet-japanese-flower5 crochet-japanese-flower6 crochet-japanese-flower6-1 crochet-japanese-flower7 crochet-japanese-flower8 crochet-japanese-flower9 crochet-japanese-flower9-1 crochet-japanese-flower9-2


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