Muti-Purpose Crochet Granny Squares (Free Pattern and Guide)

Crochet Granny Square Lace Blanket

We’re firm believers that the best kinds of craft projects are those where the results can be used for hundreds of different purposes.

That’s why we’re so in love with these amazing Crochet Granny Squares and just had to share them with you – chances are you’ll find more uses for these gorgeous little lacey squares than you’d ever have imagined!

We just love using them to make baby blankets, table runners, tote bags and fantastic place mats for the dining table. You could even think much bigger and make yourself an amazing bedspread, or perhaps a wonderfully elegant cover for a chair or couch. Like we said, the possibilities really are endless!


A Few Simple Stitches

Not only is this one of the most versatile craft projects you’ll ever come across, it’s also one of the simplest! Once you get started, you’ll find yourself making incredibly fast progress and putting together a whole arsenal of these classic lace squares! It will help if you already know a few ins and outs when it comes to crocheting, but even if this is your very first time with a hook in your hand, you’ll have no problem picking up the basics!

crochet-lace-bedding2 crochet-lace-bedding3 crochet-lace-bedding4 crochet-lace-bedding5 crochet-lace-bedding6 crochet-lace-bedding7 crochet-lace-bedding8 crochet-lace-bedding9 crochet-lace-bedding10 crochet-lace-bedding11 crochet-lace-bedding12 crochet-lace-bedding13

As you can see in the pictures, sometimes the best results can be had by choosing a few different colors of yarn to create an amazing patchwork effect. Keep it simple, mix together a bunch of colors for a unique final result and use your imagination with final decorative touches – whichever way you decide to go, you’ll be looking at a masterpiece the likes of which you’ll find hard to believe you made with your very own hands!

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