crochet glasses case tutorial

Crochet glasses case tutorial

The case is something important for those who wear glasses, it has the function of protecting the glasses and the lens. Cases are important for prescription glasses as well as sunglasses. Crochet is perfect for anyone looking for eyeglass case ideas. There are lots of models and patterns, options for all tastes and styles. Check out the video tutorial for …

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how to crochet a clover

How to crochet a clover

Clover is a well-known plant all over the world, it is a symbol of luck, especially if it has 4 leaves, but it also represents hope and faith. For those who like shamrocks today we show you how to make and use crochet clovers. Check out a step-by-step video here and make your lucky clovers. Crochet clover step by step …

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amazing crochet sweater graphic

Amazing crochet sweater graphic

Today we leave a fantastic graphic of a very feminine sweater with delicate details and romantic notes. For those who like crochet this is another option, perfect for those looking for a different model of crochet sweater. Check out the step by step here and be sure to try it. Also see: The most beautiful crochet bolero graphics for women Crochet …

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summer crochet hats for kids

15+ Summer crochet hats for kids

Hats are essential for sunny days. In addition to protecting the head from direct contact with the sun, hats also help to give a special touch to the look. Crochet hats are perfect for the hottest summer days. Crochet hats for kids are simply perfection. There are so many models and styles that it will be difficult to choose just …

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crochet plastic bag holder

Crochet Plastic Bag Holder

We all have plastic bags that end up causing confusion and disarray. To end this situation we bring a super creative, useful and also beautiful idea, they are crochet plastic bag holders. There are many ideas and models of support for crochet plastic bags, from simple options to more worked and even themed options. Check out a video tutorial of …

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crochet prada bag

How to crochet Prada bag step by step

Crochet bags are different and give a touch of style that matches any personality and occasion. For those who don’t need a crochet bag, today we bring simply wonderful ideas. Our suggestion today is the famous version of the Prada bag in crochet. Simple, beautiful and very original this bag is perfect. How to crochet Prada bag step by step …

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crochet net bag step by step

Crochet Net Bag step by step

The net bags are a super trend. Designed to be used in the market to bring your purchases without the need for plastic bags, they have become an accessory and fashion. Crochet net bags are perfect to use at different times in your life. You can wear it to work, go to the beach or go shopping. We separate a …

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