Pretty Pom Pom Baby Blanket – Free Video Tutorial

You really don’t know the meaning of the word “cute” until you’ve seen a gorgeous baby peeking out from an equally gorgeous pom pom baby blanket!

Check out the video tutorial below (multi-part tutorial: autoplay) to help you out. As soon as you pick up the basics, you’ll really be able to kick your imagination into high-gear!

Considering the amazing results you’ll soon be coming up with, you won’t believe how easy and affordable the process can be. You’ll need a wooden frame to work on and to determine the shape of the blanket, but this is as easy as putting one together at home with a few bits of wood and a bag of nails.

On the whole, all you’ll need to get up and running is:

  • A Wooden Frame
  • A Bag of Nails
  • Colored Yarn of Your Choosing
  • A Good Pair of Scissors

That’s it! Pretty incredible to think what such basic supplies can help you come up with, isn’t it?