Crochet Ovcerlay Coaster

flower coaster crochet

Here is a beautiful crochet flower pattern that we can use as coaster directly, I feel I have to share with you at 1st glance because you can crochet a peacock tail pattern out of it, and we can make lot … VIEW MORE

Rectangulum Shawl (FREE Pattern)

Rectangulum Shawl

Everything great is simple. that we can say on the shawl we have searched for you. We have pattern for the shawl “rectangulum” that you can see on these pictures. This shawl is not difficult to knit and our advise … VIEW MORE

Bella Circle Waistcoat

Circle Waistcoat

This colorful circle waistcoat is also warm and you can wear in cold weather when you want to go for a walk of for shopping . This shawl is very comfortable and you can use it at home and feel … VIEW MORE

Wiggly Crochet Rug

Wiggly Crochet Rug

Today we are going to feature a new fun crochet technique – wiggly crochet. This crochet technique looks a bit difficult but turns out to be surprisingly easy after try. The best of all is you can design your own … VIEW MORE

Crochet Spiderweb Maxi Skirt (Free Pattern)

Crochet Spiderweb Skirt

Hi, yarn lovers, do you wanna crochet something different today? How about this maxi spiderweb skirt? It looks so pretty and Bohemia even for cold weather. Luckily Josi Hannon Madera provide us a free crochet pattern on her ravelry store, … VIEW MORE

Crochet Bright Coasters in the Form of Sunny Camomiles

crochet coasters camomiles

Use this collection every day for table, placing a cup of coffee, a glass of juice, wine, champagne glasses, or decorate a table, waiting for the guests. He will also serve as a great inexpensive gift for friends. Use these … VIEW MORE

Beautiful Hooded Scarf (Free Pattern)

Hooded Scarf

It’s so wonderful when it gets cold outside and you have such a beautiful hooded scarf to fight against it! This hooded scarf is not very difficult to knit – provided you have some experience in working cables. I worked … VIEW MORE

Uhara Shawl

knit uhara shawl

Today we have searched and want to share with you how to knit beautiful and elegant Uhara shawl. In the pattern we have found in internet there ar explained everything clearly and step by step and thanks for that to … VIEW MORE

Peacock Pretty Blanket – Vibrant and Elegant Crochet Pattern Guide

Peacock Pretty Blanket

I love the brilliant colours of peacock feathers and their amazing, almost hypnotic pattern. This blanket is an attempt to try and capture some of that mesmerizing beauty. Reversible and double-thick, it’s also a great blanket to cozy up in … VIEW MORE

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