crochet Puritans Square

Purifying Puritans Square

It has been a while since we have last share an article about the crochet square and I think that many of you may have even forgotten about you. Because I remembered about it when I was looking at my research list, and I notices and I found this pattern a very long time ago but forgot to share it …

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cute baby cardigan crochet

Cute Baby Cardigan

I was just amazed when I found a pattern of this beautiful baby cardigan that you can see on the photos and I was even more shocked when I did a quick overview of the pattern and understood how easy it is to create something like this. In my opinion the projects that are dedicated to the kids are most …

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crochet slippers with lace

Stunning Slippers With Little Flowers

Today we are going to talk about this slippers that are presented on the photos which have attached the little beautiful flower and I think that this slippers are going to blow our website. Let’s all agree that making slippers is always a good idea because it is very easy to crochet slippers and there can not be too many …

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Star Dreamcatcher pattern

Crochet Star Dreamcatcher

Technically, the technique and materials used to create this dreamcatcher is very different than a traditional, Native American dreamcatcher. However, I really couldn’t find more appropriate terminology when naming this project. This is a fun way to take a relatively simple crocheted doily design to the next level. Think of this as mixed media for fiber artists. Don’t be intimidated …

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crochet daisy afghan pattern

Summer Crochet Daisy Afghan (Free Pattern)

Be prepared to be totally taken back, because this crochet baby blanket is absolutely stunning. Introducing the Darling Daisy Crochet Baby Blanket, a beautiful crochet baby blanket perfect for any spring or summer showers. The easy crochet baby blanket is the perfect combination of colors, stitches, and design work. After joining your grit stitch crochet granny squares, all you’ll need …

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poncho squares lace

Poncho With Squares and Lace

Today we are going to talk about this beautiful poncho that is presented on the photos and is made with squares and lace. It doesn’t have to be reminded to anyone that the article that are about creating some clothes for personal use or maybe as a gift are the most popular and also I would like to add here …

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crown hat crochet

Beautiful Crown Hat

Today we are going to talk about this adorable and beautiful crown hat that you can see on the photos and as bonus we are going to share a pattern of it of course to help you learn how this gorgeous thing it made. The articles about different crochet or knitted hats have been very popular on our website and …

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Crochet Mini Baby Shower pattern

Crochet Mini Baby Shower Favors

There is nothing more special than those mini dress accessories. They are cute, lovely and colorful. Sweet and easy Mini Dresses are perfect for Baby Shower Or Nursery Decoration. This post is going to show you how to Crochet Mini Baby Shower Favors with Free Patterns. As you can see the photo tutorial from the collage, those projects are pretty …

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Crochet Owl Bathroom Set

Crochet Owl Bathroom Set (Free Pattern)

Owls are one of most frequent used character in crafting projects. In past posts, we have introduced many projects with related to owls. Today’s post will introduce you how to Crochet Owl Bathroom Set with Free Pattern. As you can see from the pictures below, the design and the colors used in the crochet owls are so beautiful, which can …

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strypy crochet shoes

Stripy Espadrille Shoes

Today we are going to talk about this cutest baby stripy espadrille shoes that are presented on the photos. I was doing a research to make an article about something interesting later and share it with you. I never stop only on one project and I always keep searching for something more to write about, but when I bumped into …

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