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flower power valance

DIY Flower Power Valance Tutorial

Crocheting may seem complicated, but once you have a pattern and an explanation for each step, the whole thing seems a lot easier. One tip that can help you when crocheting is to gather with your friends and try different patterns together. This way each one of you can contribute …

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diy baby pom pom blanket

DIY Snuggly baby Pom Pom Blanket

The Snuggly pom pom blanket made by hand on a loom is very beautiful. It is perfect for prams, pushchairs, cribs and moses baskets etc. What you will need: Wood frame Iron nails Yarn Scissors Check the Video Tutorial Video Tutorial 1 Video Tutorial 2 Video Tutorial 3 Video Tutorial …

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DIY arm knitting scarves

DIY Arm Knitting Scarves

Have you heard of arm knitting? Check this out how you can use your arms to knit beautiful scarves. And here is another great arm knitting video tutorial for beginners. Have fun! Follow this easy step by step tutorial from flax and twine in the following link to make your …

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