How To Crochet Popcorn Stitch Scarf

How To Crochet Popcorn Stitch Scarf

We have shared you with many cool crochet projects. These popcorn stitch scarves are so special. They will be lovely addition to your style. Here is a paid pattern from Lyubava Crochet. You can also check out the following video. … VIEW MORE

Crochet Off Shoulder Net Tunic Sweater Free Pattern (Video)

Crochet Net Sweater Free Pattern and Video tutorial

I adore this cool Crochet Diamond Open Weave Net Tunic Sweater, which is an ideal outfit for this season. This unexpected summer pullover outfit looks casual, chic, and is also so comfortable and easy to wear, perfect for chilly summer … VIEW MORE

How to Crochet Mint Bolero Shrug Chaleco (FREE PATTERN AND VIDEO)

crochet bolero

If you’re looking for a fashion piece that combines elegance and versatility, the crochet mint bolero shrug chaleco is a standout choice. This unique item has gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why. Let’s dive into what makes … VIEW MORE

DIY Crochet Hydrangea

Crochet Hydrangea Flower

Here’s a perfectly pretty project you might like to try your hand at this weekend – an elegant and surprisingly simple crochet hydrangea. What caught our eye about these lovely hydrangeas is the way in which each individual flower is … VIEW MORE

Slipper Boots Free Crochet Pattern [video]

Slipper Boots Free Crochet Pattern

These crochet slipper boots are so cosy and stylish. They are perfect to wear indoor or out. If this is something interesting for you, check out the free crochet pattern here or watch this video for a slightly different version. … VIEW MORE

Simple Dog Sweater with Tutorial

Simple Dog Sweater crochet

Thousands of crocheters are asking for pet sweaters. Truth is, you could use this same sweater for a cat but good luck getting your cat into it. I know our cats would rip our eyes out if we tried. I … VIEW MORE

Flower Petal Cardigan + Tutorial

Crochet Baby Petal Sweater

This super adorable baby sweater comes in 4 sizes. Pattern includes 6, 9, 12 & 18 months instructions. I have found the instructions super easy to follow without any difficulties. I think the hardest thing about this sweater is deciding … VIEW MORE

3D Spiral 8-Petal Flower Trim Around Tutorial (VIDEO)

3D Spiral 8 Petal Flower

Begin to crochet with our free crochet flower tutorials. This crochet spiral flower has 8 petlas. To make the petal we work single crochet stitches into the chain space and arund the trebele post. Then continue in rows until we … VIEW MORE

DIY Crochet Cat Cave

diy Crochet Cat Cave 1

Do you want to make a great hiding place for your cat? Try to crochet this cat cave. It’s easy (even for beginner) to crochet and will definitely make her/him very happy, Even kitty needs a playhouse and a cosy … VIEW MORE

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