DIY Cute Christmas Cocoon and Pattern

DIY Cute Christmas Cocoon and Pattern

Babies are so so cute. Do you want to make them even more adorable? Here I wanted to share with you some ideas how to make Christmas cocoon for them. Which one do you like the most? I’d vote for … VIEW MORE

DIY Colorful Hook Knit Scarf with Ruler

DIY Colorful Hook Knit Scarf with Ruler

This is something new for me, crochet and braid is combined, and ruler can be used in this project, too. This technique is great to add different colors on a scarf, or you can braid one line to us a … VIEW MORE

How to DIY Crochet Mary Jane Slippers with Free Pattern (Video)

DIY Crochet Mary Jane Slippers

Hi, Crochet lovers, are you thinking of some crochet projects in the early Spring? This pretty set of crochet Mary Jane slippers are an easy and warm project we can hook on which is perfect for the chilly weather. Also: Crochet … VIEW MORE

DIY Crochet Cardigan Sweater Free Patterns

DIY Crochet Cardigan Sweater

You’ll love our collection of gorgeous Crochet Jackets that are both flattering and will suit all body types. Cardigan is a must have timeless piece for ladies including little ones that become wardrobe staples. It is the time of year … VIEW MORE

Wonderful DIY Baby Sleeping Bag With Free Template

DIY Baby Sleeping Bag

Keep your baby warm in this coming winter, it’s time to make quilted sleeping bag for little ones. hat is a baby sleeping bag? That’s a wearable blanket. Every baby needs one, regardless of gender, so this quick and easy … VIEW MORE

DIY Crochet Fashion Animal Scarves

Crochet Fashion Animal Scarves

Find crochet scarf patterns for every animal-lover. The scarf not only keeps warm but also fashionable. You can make one for yourself or your kids before winter. These Crochet Animal Scarves are button cute ! They are both practical and … VIEW MORE

How to DIY Old T-shirt Crochet Rug

DIY Old T shirt Crochet Rug

It gives us a thrill to make something new, that’s useful and beautiful, out of something old and unwanted, Over-sized, corporate logo-ed T-shirts are a plentiful resource at your local thrift store or maybe even in your own closet. One … VIEW MORE

Crochet African Flower Blankets – Free Pattern and Video Tutorial

Couvertures de fleurs africaines au crochet

There’s simply no denying how the blanket you see below is an absolutely outstanding work of art. The highest quality materials, incredible colors and a thousand and one purposes, it’s little wonder blankets and throws like these fetch rather heavy … VIEW MORE

Pretty Pom Pom Baby Blanket – Free Video Tutorial

Pom Pom Baby Blanket

You really don’t know the meaning of the word “cute” until you’ve seen a gorgeous baby peeking out from an equally gorgeous pom pom baby blanket! Check out the video tutorial below (multi-part tutorial: autoplay) to help you out. As … VIEW MORE

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