Crochet sousplat: Tutorial and ideas

crochet sousplat tutorial and ideas

The sousplat is a very useful object. With the main purpose of placing under dishes at meals to replace the towel. Souplast is a simple and easy option to make a beautiful table. The sousplat can also be used as … VIEW MORE

Easy Crochet Hearts Cord

easy crochet hearts cord

The mini hearts chain is perfect for those who like special crochet elements. It’s a chain made with mini hearts linked together that you can wear in different ways. The crochet mini hearts chain can be used as a bracelet, … VIEW MORE

20+ Amazing Crochet Lamp Ideas

amazing crochet lamp ideas

Decorating a home is a very personal thing and should reflect the personality and taste of the people who live in it. If you like crochet then you should use crochet to decorate your home. Crochet is very versatile and … VIEW MORE

Beautiful models of dresses made with crochet squares

dresses made with crochet squares

Crochet squares are one of the basic elements of crochet. There are thousands of models and styles, varying in pattern and colors. Crochet squares can be used as the basis of various elements such as blankets, pillows, bags and also … VIEW MORE

Crochet Leopard Stitch – Video and wonderful ideas

crochet leopard stitch video ideas 1

The animal print or leopard print, whether you like it or hate it, the truth is that although at certain times it is more in vogue, it never goes out of fashion. This print is very special and in crochet, … VIEW MORE

DIY: Aluminum Pop Tab Handbag

diy aluminum pop tab handbag

The use of different and unusual materials in the creation of handicrafts is an increasing trend. There are many ideas and inspirations, our suggestion today is a bag with Pop Tab and crochet. A simple and very original idea that … VIEW MORE

Tutorial and ideas Crochet gloves

tutorial and ideas crochet gloves

Gloves help keep your hands warm on the coldest days. In addition to warming your hands, the gloves are also perfect to make your look original and wonderful. Crochet gloves are the right option for those who like gloves, the … VIEW MORE

How to Crochet a Heart Purse

how to crochet a heart purse

The heart is one of the most famous images in the world, it is the symbol of romance and love. Hearts are perfect for doing all kinds of crochet work. We have already left here some ideas made with crochet … VIEW MORE

Crochet bed runner blanket- Video and ideas

crochet bed runner blanket

The crochet foot blanket is perfect to make your bed more beautiful and comfortable. As the name implies, they are blankets that are placed on the bottom of the feet- For those who like to make their room decor always … VIEW MORE

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