crochet butterfly mandala

Butterfly Peacock Mandala

Today we are going to show you an article about this beautiful butterfly peacock mandala that is presented on the photo and the article include the pattern of course. Unfortunately we could not find the video tutorial so the pattern is the only helper for today but trust me it will teach you how to crochet this beautiful mandala very …

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crochet mandala rug

Lovely Floral Rug Mandala – Video Tutorial

Crochet mandalas are magical. Beautiful, easy to make and very practical, can be used in so many ways : rugs, pillow cushions, coasters, pot holders, blankets, wall decorations… you name it! Here are one of the most beautiful free crochet mandala patterns I’ve found and loved and though you may like them too.Check them on the next pages. This pattern …

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crochet baby monsters

How To Crochet Cute Baby Monsters

Today our article is much entertaining that the previous ones, because no matter how old we are, in everyone  lives a little child who is as frisky and gamesome as many years before. It is very easy to do and we are sure that you are going to enjoy crocheting this little cute baby monsters as we did. You should try and …

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hooded crochet

How To Crochet Hooded Cape

Today we want to present you one more crochet thing that will help you stay warm in the cold winter. We are talking about Hooded Cape which looks really beautiful as you can see on the photos, but the photos are not the only thing that you are going to see in our article-there is a video tutorial too which …

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chrysanthemumian crochet

Crochet Chrysanthemum

Here is the Video tutorial we promised to you  and in this video tutorial you will learn everything step by step and clearly that you need to know how to crochet Chrysanthemum. Thanks to the author for this great tutorial which one is cut into three videos and we have found for you. We hope you will enjoy with these …

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radiant rose mandala crochet

Radiant Rose Mandala Doily

Every effort has been made to ensure this pattern is as accurate, clear, and complete as possible. All instructions have been checked and double checked and are presented in good faith. However, no warranty and assumes no responsibility for human error, typographical mistakes or variations in individual work. >> Download free pattern <<

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crochet elegant hat

Crochet Beautiful and Elegant Hat

Today  we have searched and want to show you how to crochet beautiful and elegant hat. This hat will look great at many type of clothing from your wardrobe. If you don’t like color of hat you can see on picture you can change of course and crochet in any color you like. This elegant hat will also great gift …

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floral pouch pattern

Floral Pouch: Free Pattern

Besides the fact this pouch will be very useful for you and it look really beautiful, it also is crocheted using very interesting stitches and so that means that if you learn how it is crocheted you are going to get a knowledge which will be very useful in the future projects. Also the pouch includes floral elements and we …

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happy flower crochet

Happy Flower Decoration

Today we are going to talk about this gorgeous beautiful and adorable Happy flower decoration and you already know that the talking is not the only thing we do in our articles. Here in today’s post you are going to find a pattern of it so that means that you are going to learn how to make happy flower decoration …

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