Bavarian scarf

Bavarian Keyhole Scarf

Every woman loves scarves since early ages and have many. We have searched and want to show you how to crochet beautiful, elegant and comfortable Bavarian keyhole scarf. This scarf is very comfortable to use, because it’s easy to wrap and you couldn’t have to align all time. This elegant …

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Crocheted Jewelry ideas

15 Crocheted Jewelry Patterns

Wearing jewelry is all about expressing yourself! It can be hard to find those that really represent your personality, when all you have to choose from is what’s on the store rack. This is where DIY delights saves the day! Check out these beautiful jewelry ideas for crocheters who wish …

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crochet schatten

Crochet Schattern Pattern

Today we have searched and want to show you how to crochet elegant, cozy and creative poncho “Schatten”. In this pattern we have found there are clearly explained everything and you can learn step by step what you need to know to crochet this attractive poncho. We hope that you …

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rose capelet

Rose Capelet Pattern

Women love flowers, it will be natural or handmade or knitted. If you are on this site your hobby must be knitting, crocheting or just making creative and pretty things with your hands, so for you we have another lovely item’s pattern which one you can knit. We have found …

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granny shrug crochet

Crochet Granny Shrug

One of the most comfortable and warm outwear is shrug and one the most beautiful is granny shrug so today we have searched for you pattern for the granny shrug that you can see on these pictures. On these pictures you can also see that these shrugs are in purple …

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sideways vest

Sideways Garter Vest

We have searched many useful, creative and elegant clothing and accessorie patterns in internet, but we think that what have we have searched today is most useful, most creative and most elegant clothing that we have shared to you before. On these pictures you can see sideways garter vest that …

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