3D Pretty Blanket – Chart + Video Tutorial

pretty blanket chart

This blanket and motif design is something which arouses some pretty strong emotions in the fabric lovers. It can be said that it is not traditional and original design, especially many traditional crochet and knitting lovers will probably admit this … Continuar a ler

Beautiful Crochet Dress Tutorial

beautiful crochet dress

Luckily the warm days are on the horizon and in some places they have already arrived. For this reason, we – crochet enthusiast are desperately searching for relevant crochet tutorials. We believe that dress tutorials are definitely the ones that … Continuar a ler

Crochet Mill Floral Cord

crochet mill

A lot of various flower cords are available out there in the crochet world. Some are definitely more beautiful than the others and the mill floral cord definitely is in that more beautiful category. In order to learn to crochet … Continuar a ler

Crochet Bolero Jacket

crochet bolero 1

This jacket design has become pretty popular present time. The design is often called a bolero one and even though I have no idea what it means I will still call it the way people use to. The tutorial for … Continuar a ler

Learn How to Crochet This Beautiful Flower

crochet beautifulflower

We have not updated our tutorial listing for quite some time now. We believe that this flower tutorial is something that is going to refresh our tutorial menu and is going to fulfill the needs of lots of our readers. … Continuar a ler

Adorable Two Colored Flower

two colored flower

Hello crochet lovers and warm welcome on our friendly blog. Today you are up to learn how to make adorable two colored flower, that may become your favorite one. This little flower will pretty up many of your projects. You … Continuar a ler

Crochet Maze Blouse Tutorial

crochet blouse 1

We have found that blouse tutorials tend to receive a good amount of positive feedback and plenty of interest . There are two reasons for this: one is the season and the second is the quality of the blouses that … Continuar a ler

Super Easy Rose Flower

rose.flower crochet

Hello crochet lovers around the world. In today’s video tutorial you will learn how to create magnificent rose flower. This handmade flower can be used to decorate scarfs, hats, bags, dresses, pullovers, cardigans, tops, purses and many other crocheted items. … Continuar a ler

Crochet Adorable Poncho ( Video Tutorial )

adorable poncho crochet

Ponchos are very useful and beautiful clothing that we all love. Today at crochet-ideas.com we want to show you great and one of the best crocheted poncho design. We can easily say that poncho will look great on many type … Continuar a ler

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