Crochet African Flower Blankets – Free Pattern and Video Tutorial

There’s simply no denying how the blanket you see below is an absolutely outstanding work of art. The highest quality materials, incredible colors and a thousand and one purposes, it’s little wonder blankets and throws like these fetch rather heavy … Continuar a ler

Pretty Pom Pom Baby Blanket – Free Video Tutorial

You really don’t know the meaning of the word “cute” until you’ve seen a gorgeous baby peeking out from an equally gorgeous pom pom baby blanket! Check out the video tutorial below (multi-part tutorial: autoplay) to help you out. As … Continuar a ler

Cute and Comfortable Crochet Boot Slippers

If you’re the kind of girls that’s into bright, breezy and beautiful fashion designs, chances are these Crochet Boot Slippers will be right up your street! A standard store staple in designer High Street outlets and boutiques, these timelessly gorgeous … Continuar a ler

Wonderful DIY Crochet Puff Ball Scarf

Trying to accessorize for a party and you don’t know what to wear that will set you aside from the crowd? How about a DIY crochet puff ball scarf that you can customize just the way you like? It’s super … Continuar a ler

Knitted Womens Sweater Cowl Vest Pattern (Video Tutorial)

I love this idea of wearing cable knitted cowl into a chic sweater vest. It is perfect for cold weather, wearing cowl outside and vest in room or office. The only thing better than a world-class knitted sweater cowl vest … Continuar a ler

DIY Lovely Crochet Flowers on Canvas with Free Pattern

Do you like crocheting? If yes, do you want to try whenever you see some beautiful art piece? The followings are some great projects that you can try even you are a beginner. These crochet flowers on Canvas are perfect … Continuar a ler

Easy-to-Make Crochet Queen Butterfly (With Video Tutorial)

A perfect introduction to the most important crochet stitches and guaranteed to have you finding your feet in no time, you’ll have as much fun making them as you will finding new homes for them! Along with an incredibly easy-to-follow … Continuar a ler

How To Crochet A Mermaid Tail Photo Prop

Omg! This is adorable! I think a mermaid tail might be beyond my crochet skill level but I might just have to try! Yolanda Soto-Lopez, from the All Crafts channel on YouTube, has the most spectacular video tutorial. She takes … Continuar a ler

DIY Flower Power Valance Tutorial

Crocheting may seem complicated, but once you have a pattern and an explanation for each step, the whole thing seems a lot easier. One tip that can help you when crocheting is to gather with your friends and try different … Continuar a ler

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